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pupy by thomas wilson / hachisanju

パピーブログへよこそ !!! ♥
hi and welcome to pupy blog
where the kawaii inu chans come 2 play. i try to post only high quality and unique photos of pupys.

please remember to neuter your pets & when looking for a pet check your local shelter or use www.petfinder.com & save an animals life.

i try very hard to find & tag the sources for all the photos.please don't remove the note about the photographers. u make pupys very sad.

if u see your photo and want it removed pls let me know and i will take it down right away.

Beauregard by Katie Moyer

 パピーは田園の少年です today i have growed tall tomorow i pat gently my paws on the fresh spring

Basset Hound Puppy by Christopher HC Brownmomwo nt let me buy justen timberlaks new ablumあなたは毎回泣く場合は、これをリブログ

Basset Hound Puppy by Christopher HC Brown
momwo nt let me buy justen timberlaks new ablum

Archie by Pedal Bin 2study the forms. soft circle circle若いスイカを形作る

Archie by Pedal Bin 2
study the forms. soft circle circle

Sage by pyathia
heartbreak wonderpup あなたの娘を隠す

Puppy by Faran.pupy did it! パピーは宝くじを獲得!

Puppy by Faran.
pupy did it! パピーは宝くじを獲得!

Puppy! by drivebydid u have to wake me up??それは私がまだ寝ています12時30分だ

Puppy! by driveby
did u have to wake me up??



pup·y [puhp-ee] /ˈpʌpi/

noun, plural pup·ys.
1. a young dog, especially one less than a year old.

1480–90;  earlier popi.

Related forms
pup·y·hood, pup·y·dom, noun
pup·y·ish, adjective
pup·y·like, adjective

(Source: dogjpeg)

パピー、あなたはどのようにして味わうのですか?Mild or Spicy?!

パピー、あなたはどのようにして味わうのですか?Mild or Spicy?!

(Source: handsomedogs)


Jesse at 8 weeks old. Pictures taken last Saturday.

golden doodle pupy golden doodle heart. fuwa fuwa steal your heart

Anonymous asked: It's spelled puppy.. or is pupy the Japanese spelling..?

pupy is easier for pupys to spell since their paw pads get in the way sometimes

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